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No More Cards

The Get One Free Club app remembers all your rewards, and it’s on your phone, so it’s always there when you need it.

Private & Secure

There’s no signup, no registration, we don’t ask for any personal details. You can choose to provide your first name if you like, but that’s completely optional.


Always free for end-customers. No advertising. No catch. No limit on how often you use it or how many vendors you store.

Free Stuff

Use the app wherever you buy regularly, and watch the rewards mount up. And not just caf├ęs either. The app works for any business.


There’s literally nothing to do: just start the app and place your phone on the counter. The cashier will do the rest!

At a Glance

All your rewards from all vendors are right there in front of you. Deciding where to eat? Pick a place where you’ve got a reward coming and eat for free!

Screenshot of Get One Free Club app on phone held in hand