• At last: An affordable loyalty rewards
    program for small business

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  • Custom hardware? Nope.
    POS integration? Nope.
    Startup costs? Nope!
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  • Works with ANY kind of business,
    no matter how you bill your customers.

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    The only loyalty rewards program that is
    actually CHEAPER than printed cards

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Designed to bring more business to small businesses.

The Get One Free Club offers a mobile app that is free for your customers to download, and quick enough (zero registration, zero setup) for them to get it while standing in line to order. The app tracks their purchases in order to assign the rewards you define. Eg: they buy 10, and Get One Free.

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Keep your customers coming back

The app is always in your customer’s pocket. It won’t get lost like a printed card. It brings you more repeat business than printed cards, because unlike cards, it will engage with your customer directly.

Easy for Customers

The Get One Free mobile app could not be easier to use: the customer only needs to run the app and place their phone on the counter. That is really all there is to it.

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Photo from above showing a phone with Get One Free app loaded, and a cup of coffee, on wooden table

As a vendor using Get One Free, just specify your rewards in a simple Dashboard, eg: “Buy 10 coffees, get 1 free”. Invite any number of staff. A staff member scans the customer’s screen to immediately see their rewards balance, redeem rewards, or record a sale. We’ve made it insanely simple – most transactions complete in 3 taps. Easier and quicker than hunting for a physical card!

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